What is Zigbee and why is it the frientliest option for your smart home devices?

Simply said, Zigbee is a wireless communication protocol, a special language if you must. Zigbee is what allows your frients to “talk” to your smart hub.

In this way, you don’t lock yourself in only with what you have – adding new frients to the group is easy as they can already speak a common language. There is no need for having various hubs to control all your devices; you only need one that works with Zigbee.

Strong and reliable connection

Good friends often have similar interests and goals. This is why Zigbee is the right communication protocol for your frients. They both aim to be there for you through thick and thin because they are secure and reliable.

It’s also one of the reasons why Zigbee is one of the most widely used protocols worldwide. It has a mesh network structure, which means that there are many routes for a signal to reach your hub, creating a stable and durable connection. What’s even better – each device in the network strengthens its signal.

Zigbee operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency, which is on the lower spectrum. Hence, it is less likely to be affected by or cause interference. This means that walls or other obstacles at home don't lower the quality of communication between your frients.

Even though Zigbee operates in the same frequency range as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it is built to coexist with both. Your frients’ messages know how to avoid the busy roads and reach your hub undisturbed by the communication traffic jams.

Secure and long-lasting relationship

Exposing your home to new devices can make you feel vulnerable — no need to worry. Zigbee uses various security mechanisms, such as AES-128 encryption - the same standard as online banks, so all your secrets and personal data are completely safe with your frients.

Also, the Zigbee protocol requires very little power, so your frients can be there for you in the long run.

Frientship is to be shared, so your home devices are always open and able to connect with other frients to bring you peace of mind. The Zigbee network can potentially support more than 200 units - feel free to add more frients and expand the range of your signal.

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