frients with Home Assistant
Many of the frient devices work with Home Assistant – an open source home automation platform powered by a worldwide community of smart home enthusiasts.

Are your frients compatible with Home Assistant?

Below, you can find a list of all frients that are compatible with Home Assistant (either through Zigbee Home Automation or Zigbee2MQTT or both – see here which frients are compatible through what).

A few notes on Home Assistant compatibility

  • We generally recommend using Zigbee2MQTT with frient as this has more compatibilities and supported features with frient devices than Zigbee Home Automation.
  • As Home Assistant is a user-driven platform, we can't guarantee full compatibility at any time with any device.
Smart home automation frients work with Home Assistant

Open source home automation for the ultimate smart home freedom

The Home Assistant platform offers an open source home automation platform that puts local control and privacy first.

The platform is powered by a global community of tinkerers and smart home enthusiasts who build integrations with smart home devices.

Almost all the frients are compatible with Home Assistant in some way.

So, start connecting and awaken your home with cool smart home automations with the frients.

New to Home Assistant? Find the help you need here

As Home Assistant is powered by a community of smart home fans, there is always help to be found.

Find all the info you need to get started with Home Assistant and join community forums on the Home Assistant website.

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