frients with Eva Smarthus
Many of the frient devices work with the Norwegian Eva Smarthus – the heart of an easy-to-use smart home system that can help you save energy, feel more safe at home, and much more. Get inspiration for your smart home with Eva Smarthus below.
frient smart home devices work with Eva Smarthus hub

Are your frients compatible with Eva Smarthus?

Below, you can find a list of all frients that work with Eva Smarthus.

Please note that Eva Smarthus is only available in Norway.

Eva Smarthus hub is working with frient

The easy-to-use smart home for the whole family

With the Eva hub as the heart and brain of your smart home, it is easy to start building a personalized smart home that’s both easy to understand and simple to use.

Just like the frient devices, the Eva hub communicates via Zigbee which makes the frients and Eva Smarthus a great match.

You simply connect your frient devices in the Eva Smarthus app and start building a smart home that fits your needs whether you want to save energy, improve the safety of your home, or simply live more comfortably.

Elevate the safety of your home

Eva Smarthus is called the safe smart home choice.

That’s because it’s simple to use and because you can connect a wide range of smart home devices designed to protect your home and your family.

Connect the friently Intelligent Smoke Alarm, Motion Sensor Pro, or Smart Siren, and get instant notifications on your phone if something is not right at home.

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