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Imagine always having a frient who looks out for what matters most to you. You know, someone who keeps your loved ones safe and comfortable. A frient who safeguards your home - and someone who leads you on the path to a greener everyday life. Now that’s a frient!
frient wireless sensors and alarms for home security
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You've probably always learned that you can't buy friends. Well, now you can buy frients. Take a look at where.
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Where to buy frient
Get to know if your indoor air gets bad
Want to make sure your home is healthy for your family? The frient Air Quality Sensor lets you monitor the amount of organic chemicals, humidity levels, and the temperature in the room. This way, you will know when to let in some fresh air to prevent mold and health issues such as asthma.
Meet the Air Quality Sensor
Smart home air quality sensor
Meet the Electricity Meter Interface 2, LED
There is a new generation of the popular Electricity Meter Interface available. This frient lets you track your electricity consumption and helps you lower your electricity costs.
Meet the new frient
Meet the Smart Plug Mini 2
New frient alert: the Smart Plug Mini 2 is a small smart plug with energy monitoring. It's perfect for home automation, remote control, and reducing your energy costs.
Meet the new frient
zigbee smart plug
Connect wired devices to your smart home
Meet the IO Module. It lets you connect your devices such as electrical blinds, garage doors, or heat pumps to your smart home. This way, you can control these remotely from your smartphone or include them in smart home automations.
Meet the IO Module
introducing the io module
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High-quality smart home products

Frients are high-quality wireless devices that help you look after your home and automate your everyday life.

Use the friently sensors and alarms to control your home remotely and monitor your energy consumption. If you have elderly relatives living alone, frients can help you watch over them and give you peace of mind that your loved ones are safe.

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smart home products, smart sensors and alarms to automate everyday life

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Easy to set up
"Hi! I bought your system with a total of 16 Intelligent Smoke Alarms, 1 Intelligent Heat Alarm, and 1 Smart Humidity Sensor. I am really pleased with how easy the system is to set up. So simple!!!" - Pål L. from Norway
Works well with Zigbee
"In contrast to the cheaper versions from China, the Water Leak Detector is a product that is really Zigbee compliant and works. Recommended." - Thijs from the Netherlands
Great Motion Sensor
"Great Support and great Motion Sensor! Tried other PIRs before that did not function all the time." - Guido W. from Germany

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