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Imagine always having a frient keeping an eye on your electrical appliances and helping you control them. Someone who turns on your electrical appliances when you need them and turns them off when you’re not using them. A frient who wants your everyday life to be greener and paves the way for you.

Now that’s a frient!

Become energy-aware

The friently Smart Cable is an electricity consumption tracker and a remote switch. Connect your frient to the cord of your electric radiator, fan, or another electrical appliance, and it’s ready to monitor the consumption. It also lets you turn the appliance on and off remotely.

Zigbee power strip with energy monitor

That's what frients are for

remote on and off control

Remote on/off switching

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Monitoring your electricity consumption

reduce your electricity bill

Making you energy-aware

Is Saturday your peak day?

Do you know when your electricity usage peaks? Reduce your consumption and save money. You just need to know when you can make a difference. With your new frient, you can easily turn off your electricity-thirsty appliances.

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*Not all features supported by all hubs.

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Well built unit
Gives lots of parameters and acts as a repeater, too. Got a couple of them and I must say, super impressed. It does not feel cheap, the case is well secured with 4 screws so no danger to get opened if bumped or dropped, plenty of space inside for cables. I use it with Homey and it acts as a zigbee repeater, too. Parameters it gives: Instant wattage, voltage and amps plus total power consumed in KW.
Great design
I chose it for the 16A rating. Despite being a 13A device my cooker trips most energy monitoring smart devices I've tried. The frient can handle 1.5mm 3 core cable no problem and switch and report consumption for my cooker without blinking. Inside the device is pretty simple but offers a really solid connection to the cable, I'm confident with the grip on the chunky cables.


Communication protocol: Zigbee
Power supply: 230V +/-10%
IP class: IP30
Operation temperature 0 to +50°C
Color: White

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  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 108 X 36 X 24 mm
  • Color: White
  • Acceptable cable size: Max. outside diameter 11,8 mm
  • Power supply: 230V +/-10%
  • Power consumption: 0.4 W


  • Sensitivity: -100 dBm @ 1% PER
  • Output power: +8 dBm


  • IP class: IP30
  • Operation temperature 0 to +50°C
  • Relative humidity 5% - 85%, non condensing

Specifications power meter

  • Voltage range: 207 to 253 VAC
  • Accuracy: Typ +/- 1%
  • Reported resolution: 1 W

Specifications remote control

  • Max. switch voltage: 250 VAC
  • Max. switch current: 16 A
  • Overload and over temperature protection


Wireless protocol

  • Zigbee home automation 1.2
  • Zigbee router


  • Conforming to CE, RED and RoHS directives
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