frients with SmartThings
Most of the frient devices work with SmartThings, a multiprotocol smart home hub designed to make your everyday easier, safer, and more entertaining. Get inspiration for your smart home with SmartThings below.
compatible with SmartThings

Are your frients compatible with SmartThings?

Below, you’ll find a list of all the frient devices that work with SmartThings.

However, even more frients can be used with the SmartThings Edge drivers giving you access to even more functionalities.

Find the Edge drivers here and the frients compatible with SmartThings Edge below.

frient devices compatible through SmartThings Edge

For some of the frients you can get even more smart functionalities by using the SmartThings Edge drivers.

You can check out the additional functionalities for the devices here.

frient works with smartthings

One app – endless possibilities

With SmartThings as the brain of your smart home, building a smart home tailored to your needs is a seamless experience.

Simply connect your frients or other smart devices in the SmartThings app and start exploring endless possibilities.

Use SmartThings to send you a notification from your Intelligent Smoke Alarm if your food is burning in the kitchen, stay updated on the humidity in your room from the Smart Humidity Sensor, and much more.

Connect all your smart home devices with SmartThings so they can “talk” to each other and make your life easier.

SmartThings user interface

Make smart home easy for everyone

Not a smart home expert? You really don’t have to be with SmartThings’s user-friendly platform that will guide you from the start and show you quick and easy ways to get more from your smart home.

Through an easy-to-use home dashboard and a virtual test home with many examples for you to try out different features and automations to get inspired, you will be able to set up your personalized smart home in no time – all through the SmartThings app.

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