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frient smart home sensors and alarms

The shortcut to peace of mind

Imagine having a frient who safeguards what matters the most to you. Someone who ensures that you and your loved ones are safe and comfortable. A frient who watches your home – even when you’re not there - and leads you on the way to a green everyday life.

Now that’s a frient!

Danish design

The best frients are those that care and look out for you even when you don't know it. But also if you look closer, your new frients won't disappoint you. They are beautifully designed and fit in every home.

The high-quality frients help you through the day and look after your home - while looking stylish without attracting too much attention. So sit back, relax, enjoy the Danish hygge lifestyle, and let your new frients take care of your home.

Danish design - stylish smart home devices
user-friendly smart home devices, easy installation

User-friently products

Are you tired of complex instructions and confusing products? Then frient is for you! The friently sensors and alarms are installed quickly and easy to use.

Once set up, your frients help you through the day without needing much attention. With the frients' long battery lifetime, you don't have to worry about them running out of power any time soon.

Check them out!

Mature, tested devices

The frient brand was developed by Develco Products and is based on years of experience with Zigbee-based devices. Over the years, a total of 3.5 million products were deployed under various brands.

Your new frients are based on proven technology, ensuring a smooth and stable connection with Zigbee hubs and high quality.

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Devices on the market

stylish smart home products for home automation and security

Why frient?

best smart home devices for home automation


A friend is someone who won’t lie to you. They respect you for who you are and make every moment with you count.
Time with your friends should be fun and you shouldn’t have to change for them. Your friends should understand you and trust you.

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