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Works well. Connects seemlessly with Smartthings. Have tested it and it definitely works, plus immediate phone notifications in case your house is on fire and you're not in.
Just what I needed! I needed a Smartthings compatible door opening detector. Put the battery in, paired it with the Smartthings app and it's working! Nice design, quality materials.
A must-have. Highly recommend - only took a minute to install and provides great, up-to-date readings on current power consumption.
Best Zigbee outlet I have tried. Small design will not block or obstruct other outlets making this the most ideal Zigbee outlet. Connects easily with Homey and was able to create a flow to automate a light under the stairs using a door sensor. So now when we open the door, the lights come on automatically.
It works perfectly. It integrates very well into the Smartthings ecosystem. The hub detects it immediately. Detects motion and measures temperature. You can check the temperature directly in the Smartthings app.
I bought the heat detector for my (somewhat larger) bicycle shed, because it often gets dusty there. The plastic looks solid and valuable. The device looks solid, small and durable. Installation in the Hornbach smart home system was quick and easy. An accidental function test showed loudly that it is not easy to ignore this device.

Review by PLUYU

Have you ever wanted to make your "dumb" wired devices smart but not sure how to do it?

With the frient IO Module you can now make wired devices, such as garage doors, electrical blinds, or heat pumps, a part of your smart home.

Learn how you can use the IO Module in your smart home automations in this video review from PLUYU.

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Review of the Intelligent Smoke Alarm

Are you looking for a smoke alarm to protect your home and loved ones? Then check out this review on the frient Intelligent Smoke Alarm by the French bloggers les alexiens.

They have tested many smart home products from bigger and smaller brands – so they know what they’re talking about.

Read the full review (in French)

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Review by Carlos Vaz - Tecnologia em Português

The Portuguese smart home techie Carlos Vaz has reviewed the Intelligent Smoke Alarm, Motion Sensor Pro, and Entry Sensor Pro.

In his video review, Carlos shows how he uses the devices with his Homey hub and provides his opinion on the friently sensors.

Very good product, clear documentation, easy to pair. I have it following a leak in a bathroom formwork…
Great value for money. Great sensor. Bought it after not being able to get the Smartthings motion sensor any longer. Paired easily with my Smartthings hub, and now controls my bathroom light automatically.
Works great with Homey Athom. The measurements are precise, the sensor is small and discreet. I am very satisfied with it.

Review by GeekNetworkDK

Need a smoke alarm to protect your home? And would you like to connect it with your Homey hub?

Then check out this video review of the Intelligent Smoke Alarm on the Danish YouTube channel GeekNetworkDK.

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Great little device. Very pleased with this, used it to automate the fans in my bathroom, humidity above a certain level, the fans stay on. Very handy when the misus has half hour showers and the bathroom is more humid than a tropical rainforest...
Love it, love it, love it. I bought a couple of these sensors, the pro and the normal to test it. I had the pro to my garage door which is far from the hub. On the between I had motion sensor also from Frient. It works great! The price is awesome for the quality that we get. Besides, it was really easy to add it to the hub (SmartThings). Great job guys! I am getting fan of Frient! Let’s be Frients?
Well built unit, gives lots of parameters and acts as a repeater, too. Got a couple of them and I must say, super impressed. It does not feel cheap, the case is well secured with 4 screws so no danger to get opened if bumped or dropped, plenty of space inside for cables. I use it with Homey and it acts as a zigbee repeater, too...
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Review by Matteo Sulis - Automaticasa

Wondering if the Intelligent Smoke Alarm or the Intelligent Heat Alarm is right for you?

Then check out this video review by Italian smart home YouTuber Matteo Sulis to learn more about how the two friently alarms work and compare, and whether they suit your needs.